A piece of furniture dedicated to storing clothes, with rails for hanging and shelves for folded items. Wardrobes can be freestanding pieces or built in between walls.

Each culture has its own recognisable style of freestanding wardrobe with distinct colour and form of decoration, hinges and closures. This is because in past times, and across cultures, the linen cupboard, or clothes cupboard, held significant status. A large cupboard was very often given to a couple upon their marriage, being the one major piece of furniture that they would own, used to store all linen and clothing]

Nowadays, we have many more clothes, and walk-in wardrobes provide the most efficient storage. A wardrobe can be a separate room or built into snug spaces, such as the side walls of a dressing room or a walk through from bedroom to bathroom. Wherever and at whatever size they should be in part lined with cedar to repel moths and other insects; at the very least, hang bags with herbs including lavender and rosemary or cedar impregnated wooden balls.

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