Also called a hung sash window, it is a Georgian, architectural feature, and to everyones mind the most elegant of functional windows. It is typically constructed of two moveable frames, or sashes,, each with one or more glass panels, set one above the other, which slide vertically up or down and past each other to open.

This ever popular mechanism provides a simple and extremely effective solution for ventilation – all you need to do is leave the lower sash up a bit and the top sash down a bit and the cooler air comes in at the bottom, and the warmer air escapes form the top you benefit from a summer’s breeze without any of the wasps. I’ve found many a home in which the frames were painted or permanently closed and sadly miss out on this wonderful system.

With their balanced, classic proportions, sash windows require elegant window dressing, and very often the simplest is the best. If you go for simplicity, the choice of fabric must be good. Formal dressing styles with lambrequin and swags and tail are perfect for a grander style in rooms with high ceilings.

In older houses, sash windows are often fitted with internal shutters that provide the best security possible and keep the cold night air out These also look good, but bear in mind that they do restrict any blinds, light deflectors or filters that may need to be fitted close to the window.

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