A garment made of a long length or tube of fabric particularly associated with southeast Asia (sarong being a Malay and Indonesian word), but existing under other names in many traditional societies the world over. The tube style sarong is standard dress for many men and occasionally women throughout southern Asia, folded around at the waist and falling to the ankles. As casual holiday beachwear, sarong lengths are usually worn by women, tied and knotted around the chest or waist.

Apart from the ease of sarongs, it’s the plethora of distinctive local weaves, colours, printing and dying techniques, designs and materials that makes them so attractive. Sarongs are very often coloured and designed to reflect the landscapes and textile techniques of the locality.

The size, colour, materials, durability and holiday memories make sarongs good options for the interior furnishings of holiday cottages, beach houses, caravans, boats, children’s rooms and the garden, as window blinds, cushions, hangings, small bed covers and chair covers.

In Sri lanka, Barbara Sansoni creates beautiful hand-dyed sarongs that echo the landscape.

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