A fairly soft sedimentary rock composed of sand, clay, feldspar quartz and haemetite.

Sandstone my be any colour from pale off white sand, to yellow-brown, reds, tan grey and black – in fact any and all of the colours you pick up in a handful of pre-sand sea shingle. However the colour that comes immediately to mind is a warm soft terracotta.

As a colour, it’s warm and welcoming, especially in the softer tones for study walls, dens, hallways and as the backdrop for paintings. Sandstone is a warm and happy floor colour – terracotta tiles- and eminently practical if you are surrounded with sandstone soil.

It has been a building material since ancient times, and depending upon its relative hardness or softness has been used variously for: carving, archways and lintels, for bricks and sand stone soil for making cob walls, adobe, bricks and terracotta tiles.

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