An 18thC (1730-1770) European decorative style, characterized by elaborate hand worked ornamentation, natural forms and motifs (shells, fronds of stylized acanthus leaves, scrolls, knots of ribbons and garlands of flowers), intricate plasterwork, and the gilding/pastel colours combination.

Fashionable fabrics included taffeta, cotton chintz (though subject to stringent laws), velvet, wool and silk, which production was by now well established in Europe. Window dressings would include stately pelmets, swags and tails, which were made up in light fabrics for soft folds and festoons, such as damasks, brocades, brocatelles, satin, taffeta and various types of silk. Roller blinds came to prominence, as did beds with coronas and coronets. Furniture was typically upholstered in leather, brocade or velour.

Rococo is an intricate style full of craftsmanship and detail, which if carefully handled, for example showcasing a single element (a mirror, a sofa) in a simple scheme, can look absolutely wonderful.

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