Fabric that has been pierced after weaving so that light creates and highlights the pattern made.

Fashion and furnishing textile designers have produced some really interesting pierced designs, especially into fine leather. The scale of the pattern and the amount of holes made will determine, or be determined by, the end use of the fabric. In addition to making a decorative statement, pierced cloths may be used for privacy or to control light.

You can make your own pierced cloth with anything that can cut it cleanly –craft knives, standard hole punches or a cutting dye alone or in combination can produce an effect as simple or complex as you are minded to do.

In practice, all lacework, broderie anglais and other open weave textiles can produce the same effect and they have been designed and woven to that end. Piercing, however is always done for a specific and usually unique project into cloth designed for other purpose.

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