The Scottish Highlands, the mountainous part of Scotland associated with Gaelic culture; from the spectacular moorland, rivers and woodlands to the quality knitting wools and woven textiles to the world renowned plaids – tartans–of the Scottish clans worn for kilts and other highland dress, colours, textures and inspiration abounds. Tartan fabrics are woven in various weights, all of which are a good quality option for pretty much any type of furnishing. There is a huge range of designs and colourings available in more or less recognisable pattern. Any one tartan might be woven in various colourways: traditional, ancient, modern. Textiles from the lowlands are simple, more rustic and subtle, such as Shepherd check.

IMG 0450

Flat weave plaid carpets in traditional highland colourings beneath curtains made from an Indonesian marriage cloth: a perfect marriage of textile culture.


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