Calf leather that has been tanned, prepared and dyed with the hair still on.

* It can be made soft for fine furnishings, or of a thicker and heavier weight for floor rugs.

* As flooring it is highly practical and good looking, it sits well on rough, wooden or stone country floors, the thick backing absorbs some unevenness and keeps out draughts and dust. The pieces are joined in squares, so a rug or floor covering can be as large as you wish.

* Haircalf looks rich and feels luxurious underfoot with sensory qualities reminiscent of deep brown melted chocolate; it is not as soft or deep as sheepskin, but still lovely to walk on–the smoother, flatter finish is often more appropriate to the overall style of decoration/furnishing.

* In upholstery it makes tough and long lasting seats for chairs and stools in working areas and workshops, or use decoratively in a bright colour or gauffaged finish.

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IMG 4117 klosters bedroom


IMG 0475 and 0476

Hair calf in brown and brilliant blue in a very beautiful cut pattern with a small section of a colour board for a study/drawing room; the blue chosen for stool tops at the book end of the room.

see also PONY SKIN / pigskin / skins

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