Faille is a luxury fabric from the couture world, that is nevertheless strong enough and resilient enough for furnishings. The weaving technique produces a fabric with a fine horizontal rib ( formed by a tight, thin warp with a looser, coarser weft) that gives it the particular stiffness, body and surface that we know as faille.

Typically in silk, it’s also available in less expensive synthetic fibres–though I wouldn’t normally choose these, their resistance to fading does makes them appropriate for areas with strong sunlight.

As curtains, faille hangs well and with volume, looking good both just touching the floor and overlong; it also suits walling very well, its soft sheen and rib can be just what’s needed to lift and lighten an environment.

* Some of the stiffer faille might be too springy for any curtaining other than flat panels. As always, just check the hand first.

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