Double faced cloth is any fabric that has been woven with two equally important faces, or sides.

* These are reversible cloths in that they can be used and admired equally well from both sides, but unlike a tweed for example with automatic reversibility, these are designed and woven as two fabrics.

* To be properly categorised as double faced there must be two distinctly different layers, or at least some variations between the two, although the colours will almost always be the same.

* Classic examples are piques that show two very different faces however

* You can effectively  make your own double faced  by stitching any two fabrics together, and including any interlining you might require to add stiffness, bulk or warmth.

* Make and use your own cloth for door curtains, open shutters, screens, and curtains which fold across the window and then back into a recess or against a wall, for deck chair and director’s chair covers.


see double cloth

frey pique

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