Drapery rods in the US

The pole from which a curtain is hung.

There are many kinds of curtain poles, in many styles and materials. The most common type is straight and made of wood or metal. Curved or bent poles are available for recessed and rounded windows, and will need to be made to template .

Almost any wood can be used, finished to show itself, painted, lacquered or covered in material such as leather or fabric; metal poles in steel or iron, finished in silver or black are the most readily available but any coloured finish by paint or powder coating is possible; brass poles for a traditional room, glass for an ethereal quality or Perspex for fun – the open poles can be filled with many decorative ideas.

Each type of pole can be made in a variety of diameters to suit the material; each has rings and ends to suit the curtain style that may be plain and simple or extremely decorative; the shaft of the pole may be smooth, ridged, or fabric covered; each will has it’s own style of fixing brackets and fitting method.

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