We let lined silk taffeta curtains fall from this corona to the top of bedposts which also support the knots which are visually held in place with silk roses.

In bed design, any round, oval or crescent shape smaller than a half tester, which sits on or just below the ceiling, over the centre, or the head end of the bed.

Floor length fabric drapes are hooked or pinned from the inside of the corona so that they drape around the bed.- to the head end only, both head and foot ends, around the whole bed or to each corner.

The frame itself is almost always upholstered so that when you lie in bed you look up at something beautiful. There may be fabric pelmets fitted to the outside or the inside of the frame, or both, to finish the top edge well, but primarily to cover the workings

A corona can be very small, the full width of the bed or the length of a day bed.

The fabrics can be made, designed and fixed in any manner, from formally finished traditional textiles to a few lengths of rough hessian pinned up with carpet tacks; I saw one made of straw, twigs and torn sacking that resembled a birds nest – so, whatever takes your fancy.



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