Furniture made especially to be portable, for those working and living and moving around in another environment, such as in shipping, missionary and military families, to take on ‘campaign’ with them.

Campaign furniture will always pack down flat and quickly. It is well made and comfortable, simple and practical. In addition to chairs, beds and sofas, there are cleverly designed wardrobes, trunks that become wardrobes, chests of drawers and tables. Directors chairs and deck chairs although designed for different purposes fulfil the same criteria.

The camping bed with its simple metal frame and strung canvas, and the hammock are other well-known examples of easily transportable, flat pack furniture.

Perhaps the closes we get to this style now is in safari living. Some typical campaign textiles are canvas, cashmere, leather, blankets, ticking….

And of course the directors chairs that store flat fro extra visitors and summer garden moments. 



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