A festive decoration made up of series of flags or pennants fixed to a length of string or rope, which is hung from windows, balconies, and across streets on fiesta days all over the world, from trees and across pergolas and wires strung from anywhere and to anywhere convenient for a garden party at home.

* Bunting is currently enjoying great popularity, everywhere you look. It’s also very easy to make, and a fun way of recycling off-cuts and scraps of fabric.

* Don’t worry too much about technical competence, bunting will still look effective even if it’s not perfect. Cut your pieces to the same size, using the first one as a template each time, with or without pinking shears, and then handsew the tops over a string or a narrow cord.

* A type of bunting could be made with any size and shape of offcuts or with paper cut outs in keeping with the spirit of joy and exuberance.

* We recently made a long (6m) piece in less than half an hour, as a last-minute decorative touch. I’m sure it won’t survive a big wash, but being a fun and simple activity, we can easily retouch as we see fit and when we have a spare minute.


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