More accurately boxed cushion, any cushion with the top and bottom held together by a border or gusset that forms the depth and the sides.

* Usually rectangular or square and usedfor seat and back cushions, say, though they can be of any shape and depth, and are often made to a template to fit a chair seat or shaped window seat for example.

* The closure can be as visible or invisible as the design dictates: to put the commonness of the product in perspective, mattresses are in effect big boxed cushions.

* Boxed cushions are substantial enough to sit on independently as floor and garden cushions. Sofa and chair seats will very often have box cushions for depth and comfort needed, and in some sofa back designs these will form the back cushions too. Boxed cushions also make squab cushions, window seats and smaller scatter cushions of any size and shape.

* Boxed cushion edges can be piped, corded, braided, top stitched in toning or contrasting materials or unfinished; the centre might be buttoned to hold the filling or for decoration.

* Fillings can be foam, feather, down, fibre, silk, grasses, cotton, kapok, recycled textiles, fabric off-cuts, horsehair, beans or a mixture of anything that is squidgy but firm enough to hold weight, soft enough to allow the sitter to sink into it and springy enough to return back to shape easily. Fillings must comply with the fire regulations of the country in which the cushion will be used, and be suited for purpose–i.e. outdoor, bathroom, picnic, bedroom have different requirements.

* Boxed cushions can be stitched closed, or have zippers, buttons, eyelets or press studs fixed into the gusset. For ease of use, any fixing must be at least the complete length of one side–this could be the back or side depending how the cushion fits the base. If at all possible, for a large cushion, the closure should extend around to the adjacent sides by 10-15 cm (c.a. 4-6”) to make removing and refitting as painless as possible. If the cover will be frequently laundered, the closure must be the longest possible and the most durable.




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