From the French, meaning a bunch of flowers in every sense, whether it’s an expensive, exotic arrangement from a specialist florist or a hand picked bunch from the garden. A bouquet pleases and enhances the senses, lifts the mood and is used for celebration.

* In furnishing fabrics, bouquets provide endless inspiration for summer fabrics, printed onto fine cottons and linens. As in real life, the bouquets can be a simple posy of violets or an exuberant bunch with a huge pattern repeat. Ancillary decoration of bows, ribbons, vases, pots, or cornucopia are usually as intricately drawn and detailed as the flowers themselves.

* Many bouquet designs can be gathered into fullness for curtains, frilled cushions and bed valances without damaging the design. However, on the whole, the larger ones and those deliberately drawn as flower arrangements look much better when they’re used flat, more to be appreciated as still life depictions. Roman blinds, cushions, bedheads and bedcovers, are perfect vehicles to showcase a beautiful bouquet of flowers. In many room schemes, one piece in a really good single print is enough. There are plenty of plains and semi plains, textures, and plaids to go with and to complement an intricate statement piece.

* The bouquet is also the aroma produced by a combination of floral scents and/or spices. It is important in every home to consider what fragrances to use. It never makes sense if the flowers chosen are a million miles away from the essence of the furnishings.

* If the house has a bright and open atmosphere, the lighter fragrances such as gardenia and lilies will be just right. Alternatively in a more solid, rich textured scheme, the more spicy tones seem more appropriate. Of course there are multiple varying perfumes and intermediary tones, those we love and those we don’t….



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