A type of tulle netting, a mechanised form of hand-made lace invented by Englishman John Heathcoat in 1806, and subsequently dubbed ‘bobbin-net’, in order to distinguish it from the hand-made ‘pillow lace’ made throughout Europe. On a par with hand-made lace net, this smooth, un-patterned tulle is still made in this way in the UK and in Switzerland.

The technique consists of looping the weft diagonally around the warp yarn, to form a regular, clearly defined, hexagonal mesh that keeps its shape and allows air to circulate freely. Bobbinet made with the finest yarns and filaments – including long staple Egyptian cotton, silk, lycra, polyester, silk and polypropelene mix – is characterised by its uniform construction, high strength to weight ratio, durability, flexibility, transparency and tear-free qualities.

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