Because everyone can agree that pillows are more comfy than cushions..

Pillow shams are one of those things that make so much sense, it’s hard to believe not everyone has them. They are simply covers for your bed pillows, (those comfy, fluffy things that we only seem to take advantage of when we are asleep….) Whilst it probably does look a little informal to drag your bed pillows downstairs and onto the sofa by day, there is no reason why we can’t and shouldn’t take more advantage of them, for comfort, decoration, or both. They are certainly more plush (and significantly less expensive) than cushions, so the more use we can get out of them, the better.

With these pillow shams, we used a jute and linen weave, but you can use almost anything that you like, as long as it’s relatively robust. It needs to act as a protective, as well as decorative, cover. Hemp, linens, flannels, woollens, tweeds, or even an old flour or grain sack ( and check out our free project –  flour sack pillows ) would work just fine. If you want to use them for a more decorative purpose, maybe just to sit and look pretty on top of your bed or sofa, then it would make sense to use a higher quality or more detailed material. But, they are also great to have out in the garden, or kicking around the children’s rooms. They can be as fancy or as ‘everyday’ as you would like them.

This project is in the ‘no machine’ series, so they are fairly straightforward to make, don’t cost the world, or require hours of fiddling.

Download the project and have a go – click here. www.


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