There aren ay wool weaves, some of which are briefly described here and further under their own categories,with or without accompanying project ideas.

1. Crepe: A lightweight woven wool with a crinkly surface.

2. Worsted: A tightly twisted yarn that produces crisp, smooth woollens.

3. Melton: A compact woven, hardwearing flat and wind resistant material that doesn’t fray. Often used for winter coats.

4. Felt: wool fibres matted together and shrunk to create a solid, bombproof material in varying densities, depths and pliability.

5. Flannel: a soft fabric, perfect for suiting, of various weights woven with worsted yarn.

6. Barathea: a soft fabric wove with a hopsack twill giving a lightly ribbed surface – for evening jackets and dress coats.

7. Bombazine: a twill weave once woven as dress fabric for mourning wear.


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