Describes paper that has been treated with wax or paraffin to make it water resistant and stable; the finish has a lovely honey colour with a light sheen that is attractive for furnishings. Wax paper – in differing weights ( microns ) and therefore flexibility can be made into paper screens, similar to the Shoji screens, or opaque lampshades. Or woven as paper yarn.

Waxed paper is the best material from which to hand cut stencils – it’s thick enough and pliable enough to be easy to work and to use; the smooth finish allows the excess paint that gets caught around the edges to be wiped away easily and cleanly.

Room screens are traditionally made with a fairly light wooden framework that is covered in fabric. Waxed paper was often often used as the inter-liner between frame and top cover; the heavy paper ensures that the wooden edges don’t show a ridge when the main fabric is stretched over to upholster.

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