An absorbent cloth, typically made of cotton but also made of hemp or linen, that is woven with a loop pile on one or both sides. The longer and denser the loops, the better the drying capacity. Some towels are looped on one side and cut–creating a velvet effect–on the other.

*  Terrycloth is available by the metre – extremely useful for loose covers in bathrooms and pool rooms, indoor and outdoor shower curtains or linings, as the filler for outdoor seat cushions, and in any children’s bedroom and  bathroom spaces.

Making the household towels yourself is not economic, the only reason to do so would be to find a specific colour or to enjoy the opportunity for personalisation. Any size of towel or pool blanket can then be made in bright colours and unexpected combinations with your own choice of edging

It’s relatively easy to adapt bought towels for blinds, seat tops , stool covers in bathrooms.

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