From the French, referring to a specific stretch of land, but also broadly meaning your patch. Our reputation as a designers or makers or both has to be built on considered, intelligent quality, care and advice and good workmanship. But equally, we need to understand the area we’re working in, to tailor it to local architecture and distinctiveness.

Most of us work best within the boundaries, experience and expectation of our childhoods. We need to embrace our comfort zones, but to push boundaries, seek new ideas and to keep on learning. As,we get our ‘eye in’ and expand our horizons, we work in an increasingly educated reasoned and appropriate, way.

The French word is terroir- an almost indeterminate word, but which essentially means that the result is determined by the circumstance – primarily the locality, but without the right care and attention, terroir is meaningless.

Terroir and terrain both go back to the word terre: land. terroir is a derivative of territoire. ]

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