Describes a quality of brightness, brilliance, ceremony, dazzle, display, glory, majesty, pomp, richness, sumptuousness, fine quality…We all love a bit of splendour, ‘pomp and ceremony’. Who doesn’t warm to and enjoy occasions’ weddings and celebrations–rites of passage?

In interiors, splendour translates into extravagant flower arrangements, fine dresses, fine foods, a beautiful colour–occasional ‘splashing out’ and spoiling is good and right. It doesn’t have to be the preserve of the rich, the wealthy, or reserved for high days and holidays–or just for others. It’s for all. And very needed in times of tight budgets. Just see the effect of splendour on those who have very little. Splendour never, ever, dampens–it only lifts the spirits, and we need more of it!

How predictable so many homes are–too much beige! They could be so much more fun and exciting with thought of splendour.


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