The capital of the Fars province of southwest Iran, it is an ancient centre of regional trade, famous for its culture and crafts, in particular Persian rugs such as kelim and pile carpet-weaving. Shiraz weavers are typically home-based, settled villagers, whose work is similar to that of nomadic tribesmen such as the Qashqai.

There are consequently many different types of Shiraz rugs, however, by and large they are hand-woven on larger, horizontal fixed looms, using the coarser asymmetrical knotting technique, generally with a woollen warp. They reflect the typical regional predilection for geometric motifs with a central, diamond-shaped medallion that sometimes features Cyrus the Great’s white horse, or, uniquely, a nightingale. Shiraz rugs come in strong reds and browns but may include a wide range of colours. They are very hardwearing.





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