1.The early name for a wall mounted bracket to hold candles and the means by which most rooms were lit pre-electricity.  Today the term is used for any decorative  wall mounted light fixture made to hold candles or electric fittings. Particularly for antique candle holders, conversions and  reproductions or copied types of  an earlier bracket design.

2. Also used for those flat saucer style candle holders with a handle – we used to call the ‘wee willy winkie’ lights when we were small, because in  the nursery rhyme illustrations this is the type of lamp Wee Willie Winkie carries. I can remember the time before mains electricity came to our  Exmoor farm. My grandparents left these candle holders on the landings at night, so that anyone making their way to the  bathroom or to the kitchen for  wintertime  morning tea could pick them up carry them with them to light their way.




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