An almost intangible sense of something, a nod towards, it, a subtle difference–for example, a nuance of pink would be a creamy white with, say, the slightest hint of a pink hue that is only just present, and can be fleeting with the light or over time. Perhaps a little like the …. white rose, when for a few days the buds show nuance of pinks that almost trick you to believing the flowers will also be pink.

Some of the most beautiful furnishing fabrics are those which can best be described as ‘nuanced’, such as shot silks and damasks, in which by dint of weave and coloured fibres, the resultant colours are not quite one thing or another, but in fact both, and all the colours in between. These fabrics change with the time of the day, the available light and the season, perhaps the closest we can get to the effect of natural materials.

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