Leather made from a young sheep (anything from six months to a year old), which is very soft and pliable It is used in the fashion business for gloves and soft hand bags, and generally in home furnishings for upholstery and accessories: cushions, throws, screens, stools and chair seats.

As they are not very large, for anything more substantial than a small cushion lambskins are seamed together to make larger pieces, e.g. for blinds, lampshades, bedcovers and curtains. Being very soft they are also stretchy, a property that makes them ideal for moulding but which means seaming and upholstering is more of a professional’s job.

Lambskin is available in natural colourings and in the most wonderful range of colours–these are usually supplied to glove makers, and as they change by the season it is worth ordering enough for your project in advance.


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