Antique pieces marked with the famed Jacob name are investment pieces and I think cannot now be taken out of France without express premission.

George Jacob (1739-1814), hailed from Cheny, Burgundy, France, was a prominent Parisian cabinet maker who produced upholstered carved and painted sofas, chairs and beds in the ever elegant and popular Louis XVI and DIRECTOIRE style for the royal palaces, and later for Napoleon. The workshops passed to his son François-Honoré-Georges-Jacob Desmalter, (1770-1841), who in turn passed it on to his own son Alphonse-George Jacob to manage from 1825 until 1846, at which time he sold to fellow menuisier Joseph-Pierre-Francois Jeanselme. With his son Charles-Joseph-Marie Jeanselme (1827-1871), Père Jeanselme (d.1860) continued to supply furniture to the French and Imperial Courts stamped Jeanselme Père et fils. From 1863-1871, the business was run by Charles-Joseph-Marie and later in partnership with the ébéniste Auguste Godin; the furniture was stamped Jeanselme Fils Godin et Cie. They took over the Lemarchand workshop in 1893, and continued until 1930.

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