A riding seat for elephants or camels, typically, but not always  with a canopy. At tourist level, the mix and match of textiles in the blankets, covers and cushions is a lesson in design serendipity and casual, comfortable creativity. At royal level, the upholstery, canopy and decoration provide an additional realm of inspiration.

Two Howdah from Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India 



At quite another  level and for me no less interesting and beautiful, arguably more so.


 A typical workday scene on the streets of Jodphur, taken in 2016. I love these vignettes of real life, of the undisputed  acceptance that  mixed ways of life can co-exist, work perfectly well side by side. And as the inspiration for colour schemes –textiles in earth colours and mixed textures close to the elephant skin with  sun-washed pink, plus a touch of brightness from the ear decorations.



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