This is the huge free-standing cupboard that every home had before fitted units and cupboards took over. An important piece of furniture and a cavernous affair, that was very often a wedding gift, and in which bed linen, table linen and perhaps  crockery and cutlery  were kept.

Since childhood the bride would have diligently made and embroidered fine linens and bedcovers–her trousseau–with which to fill it. In many parts of the world, the single storage cupboard is still the case , to hold linen  and clothing, If rich enough a household might afford a second one, a wardrobe, for clothes.

These cupboards remain useful and a good antidote to everything fitted and everything new. This one holds the day-to-day crockery in the top section, candles, tablemats and napkins in the middle drawers, and larger linen and serving dishes below.

see armoire, saffron

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