Describes a surrounding and a support, which can be one or the other, or both.


1. Much needlework is worked on a square or rectangle of wood, whether it’s a large fixed frame for quilts and rugs or a small hand held embroidery frame or tambour. The frame holds the canvas or fabric straight and firmly in place for one person or more to work on the material.

2. Fabrics and rugs are woven on a loom, which is a frame set up to hold the warp threads and all of the ancillary weft and working mechanisms.

3. A frame of wood or sometimes metal that will form the basis for a chair, sofa or screen that has been designed, made and especially prepared to take upholstery–layers of stuffing covered with a top fabric.

4. A jointed surround for a picture or tapestry.

5. A border of one fabric around another can be referred to as a frame, or a framed piece of work

6. The framework is also the structure of the programme, whether getting the materials together for a simple project, or the frame for the whole. The time-frame.

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