A synthetic fabric designed to look like suede that is very useful in areas of hard wear, where the look of suede–soft, matte and lightly textured–is desirable, but the real thing just isn’t practical. It’s heavily used for commercial seating and walling because it is virtually bomb proof. It can tear if it’s caught by something sharp but is generally hard wearing and very easy to clean. We use it for:

* Window seats, especially where condensation might be an issue, for the whole thing or  the underside and back gusset only.

* The lower panels, deep hems, of curtains – for reason of both texture and practicality. Small children- crawlers and toddlers, plus  puppies and kittens have a habit of climbing on, hiding in, generally soiling, any fabric that sits on or close to the floor,  so a washable, wet-wipeable fabric is just perfect.

* False hems to the backs of curtains, where we need to protect more delicate materials from hard stone floors, especially rubbing along uneven flagstones.

* Borders on curtains – for similar reasons, especially  door curtains where the floor around is prone to damp, dust, garden detritus etc. and the curtain will be hand pulled with outdoor hands.

* Upholstered walls to gain a sense of quietness, where the walls may need to be washable or are close to water – say a corridor or just any wall that needs something more substantial that paint or paper and is prone to damage.

* Room doors, particularly flush doors that lead to flower rooms, downstairs loos, playrooms, dens ….

* Cupboard doors in kitchen and utility areas, childrens playrooms and offices.


See alcantara, suedette.


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