To assess the quality of a fabric and its fit for purpose we use our own common sense and our own particular criteria.  By noticing how a fabric feels, looks, drapes and handles  we can decide whether and then how to use it. We want to know something of  the fibre content, the weave, the width and weight (thread count or mass per square meter or reel width) the design, or pattern, the colours seen, the pigments or dyes used, the finish treatment and how it might age: all of these affect the fabrics’ performance and longevity.

Some of the things we can find out about our chosen fabric that are always useful and in some cases vital to know are: the pick or thread count, the weight and density, the rub (or abrasion) test, the washability and it’s resistence levels to: fading, light, fire, moth, heat, water, sunlight, sharp objects….

These are commercial criteria that have been tested in scientifically monitored conditions, by research and study. Some of this information is given, it’s all possible to find from the supplier and/ or manufacturer.




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