A  full skirt gathered at the waist , typical of  the full, billowy, celebration of fullness epitomised Christian Diors “New Look” in 1947, when dirndl skirts were worn with high heels and short cropped jackets.

The dirndl skirt may be gathered into tight pleats, or into waistband, it might be a skirt with a  separate fitted top or the skirt of  dress. Perfect for dancing and well known as traditional Tyrolean peasant wear,  also worn in Bavaria and Austria.

Massed fabrics are feminine, discreet and beautifully show off dyeing and embroidery techniques; variations can be found all over the world and  a key part of  regional costume.

Here is a beautiful lady wearing a ghagga with choli and odhani; the costume of Balotra, the Rabari of  the Thar desert in Rajasthan


Chinese provinces,

kryzikstahan……… .ref.. jenny hicks beach


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