Any cotton fabric that has been brushed on one or both sides to bring up the pile, giving it insulating properties and a soft finish.

Bump, the heavy cotton interlining used between curtain and linings, is a type of cotton fleece. The cloth is a fairly loosely woven plain or twill, which is then brushed on both sides; the air trapped between the fluffy fibres retains a great deal of heat, stops draughts and makes curtains feel very heavy and luxurious.

Any brushed cotton may be used behind walling to deaden the sound and provide a padded finish that feels good to touch.

Cotton cloth that is brushed on one side feels soft to the touch without loosing any inherent durability, and looks more gentle than the non brushed cloth. It’s extremely versatile and hardwearing, and handles well for making into virtually any type of furnishing: upholstery, loose covers, curtains, cushions and perhaps especially for childrens rooms.

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