A transparent and sheer fabric made with twisted yarns, it is very strong despite its translucent appearance. The first word that comes to mind is diaphanous, and it reminds me of the sheer, floral printed tea dresses of the 1920’s–full skirted or heavily beaded for elegantly swinging, swaying on the dance floor. Chiffon is difficult to control, so we always hand sew it, often with a shell-edged hem so that it can be managed with both hands.

For interior furnishings, this is a fabric for the bedroom and the boudoir–use for very full window sheers, bed drapes, lampshades and cushions, anything ruched or informally pleated and gathered, including sunray pleating for the inside testers of four poster beds. It is not as easy to manage as habotai, but the natural spring prevents it from flattening; use also for fixed, semi transparent screens.

Layers of chiffon, either in a symphony of neutrals, vibrant tones or with other sheers and voiles brings a touch of intimacy, softness and femininity to a space.

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