Lace made using bobbins and worked over a lace pillow, onto which pins are pricked in the design formation. This is the most popular kind of lace, distinct from the less common needlepoint lace. England gained a worldwide reputation for the quality and fine-ness of bobbin lace produced in Honiton and Nottingham.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress, worn on 29th April 2011, was made with bobbin lace hand woven by the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace. It was embroidered with symbols representative of each nation of the United Kingdom–the shamrock, the daffodil, the rose and the thistle.


Bobbin laces include: Chantilly, Antwerp, Eclesiastical, Freehand, Torchon, Binche, Flanders, Mechlin, Paris, Valenciennes,Buck Point, Lille

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