The purpose is to cover any bed subframe which is unattractive in its own right.

* All divan bases need to be covered as they aren’t excactly exciting features on their own. Full frame beds with ends and side rails made of metal or wood are often complete in themselves, however if the workings show, then a valance either a few inches long or down to the floor makes the whole thing more attractive.

* For storing things beneath a frame bed – lke children’s toys, occasional beds or out of season clothes , a valance covers it all.

* Bed valances are soft covers,that fit over the divan base and drop to the floor around the two, three of fours sides that they need to cover. They can be plain or decorative, heavy or light, upholstered or loose, patterned or plain, full or flat, simple or elaborate, frilled, gathered, pleated, or simply a sheet laid over the base.



* A Valance  is general term to describe any fabric length designed to covers, chair legs, bedsides pelmet boards….







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