A rabbit with a long, lustrous coat that weaves or knits into a soft cloth–light, warm and snuggly. Indigenous to Turkey and Asia Minor, angora rabbits are now farmed in India, France and Italy for their fleece. Technically hair, it is clipped as soon as it is long enough and either spun as pure angora, or mixed with fine sheep’s wool.

* In furnishings, angora can be used for anything soft–throws, cushions and bedcovers, bedroom and dressing room curtains and side chairs; even a small amount mixed with wool adds a significant extra softness and bounce.

* Clothing that has begun to show signs of wear can always be recycled into lovely soft cushions or joined to make throws.

* The Angora goat gives us mohair, which is similar, long-haired, mainly used for knitting although it can be mixed with other wools and then woven.

* It is used in pretty much the same way in furnishings as rabbit angora..

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