Miss Muffet’s Tuffet



These have to be one of my all time favourites –  we’ve made them for virtually every room, in any size and in many fabrics. So useful …..




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Miss Muffet’s Tuffets

Floor cushions for inside and out.

These are really easy to make  in principle –  a few mistakes or wobbly seams won’t be a disaster – they won’t even show if the fabric has an all-over print ! For a thick material such as this one, it will help if you have some experience with holding  layers of materials together.  It’s perfectly possible to make one of these  on the kitchen table in one evening.


The pdf  includes: fabric suggestions; cutting dimensions; simple and precise instructions;  our tips, guides and watchpoints.



Fabric: anything from a  hand printed cotton lawn to a carpet…


Level:  confident maker

Complete beginners don’t be put off ! None of the processes is in itself complicated, the instructions are simple, so as long as you follow them with precision, a perfect tuffet  will be your reward.



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