How it Works

Take an idea and make it happen !

Each project contains the help and  instructions needed to make the photographed item in your fabric. The Design and Make series contains the core principles of our international workshops – each project directly or indirectly inspired by furnishings that we have made for clients.


A few notes on the design shown  and suggestion for the materials you can choose or use:


The materials and sizes used include, as appropriate:

  •  Cutting plan
  •  Chart for alternative sizes
  •  Pattern sheet than can be enlarged or adapted
  •  Cutting and materials list


  • Work from one end of the table to the other, always fold materials that are not being worked on.
  • Have all the pins, rulers, threads and needles, etc. close by and in one tray.
  • Start with all of the cutting out, seaming and pressing – everything that requires a clear, flat table surface.
  • Make up and prepare the small items and trimmings first – everything that you’d like to have finished and ready to hand when you need it.
  • Make all eyelets, buttonholes and embroidery details in one sitting to keep the stitching consistent – even a day between can visibly affect the end result.
  • Keep the iron by your side and press at every stage. Press over the stitching line and press seams from the right side to embed the stitches.

Making up

  • Work methodically – enjoy the rhythm and order of the process and the therapy of hand stitching.
  • Follow the order of work given in the  instructions and you won’t fail.
  • Some makes will take half an hour,  others several days. For the larger projects try to time the sessions to the stages.
  • Finishing details make a huge difference to the end result – neatening and trimming seams and corners for example.
  • We’re looking for  professional finish and compliments !

Hanging and Fitting

Well-made furnishings can be let down by careless fitting and hanging – to make sure the finished work looks it’s very best ….check out the Guides and Techniques Library.

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