A type of blind that sits within a window recess or just in front, which can be adjusted to allow more or less light into the interior space.

* Hard blinds of wood, plastic or metal slats rotate from an open position to a closed position by overlapping. A lift cord allows the blind to be pulled up and stack tightly at the top of window when desired.

* Fabric blinds are made to fill the window and are raised and lowered by degree to manage the light. They come in a variety of forms, from formally rodded Roman blinds to soft ruched festoon blinds and may be made from almost every fabric–from leather to open gauze, unlined, lined or interlined.

* When deciding the fitting position make sure that a) the window can still be opened freely; b) that when the blind is fully raised it doesn’t take up too much light; and c) that the blind itself or its operating cords won’t catch on the window opening mechanism each time it is raised or lowered.

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