A fabric made of 45% cotton and 55% merino wool first woven in England in 1893, and registered as a trademark in 1894. It was named after the Via Gellia–the Roman named valley along the A5012 near Matlock where the first Viyella production mill was sited.

Viyella is famous for its soft, natural fibre comfort and the range of colours it comes in. A fabric with a soft drape that makes into cosy bedroom curtaining, dressing table covers, bed drapes, cushions and low use loose covers, etc. If you can find them, vintage lengths with merino rather than lambs wool are the best for cushions and accessories.

It was hugely popular in the 20thC for bedding, nightwear, dresses and uniforms, championed by Laura Ashley in the 1980s, and after a turbulent time bought by Austin Reed in 2009. So Viyella is still in existence, and being soft, warm, and wool- rich is very suited to furnishings.

A less wool – rich and  expensive version of Viyella was made with 80% cotton and 20% wool and called Clydella

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