A truly classic historical period style, along with the Gerogian, Neoclassical, Louis XV, Louis XVI, and to some extent the Biedermeir styles. These all appeared at around the same times, are still very much in demand and work well together.

The cultured and European-looking Swedish monarch Gustav III reigned from 1771-1792. His passion for the neoclassical style and Louis XV1 furnishings, following a few months of living in France, brought a new, lighter touch to Swedish interiors. The designs reflected the best from France, England, Germany and Holland with a colour palette of soft blues and greens, on walls that were panelled, painted, or furnished with painted canvas cloths bordered and decorated with garlands and other floral designs. Furniture–chairs, benches and sofas– were kept light, painted and upholstered in damask, all in the same soft tones and airy palette.

Crystal and gilding were used in small measure, along with long mirrors, wooden floors and Savonnerie inspired floor rugs, are rooms we would recognise now.

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