The cutting room is very often the workroom as well, and the table dual purpose but when space is available then an area reserved for cutting is preferable.

It needs:

1. A large table the width of the fabric or a little more, with or without a measuring guide set into the side, for cutting – lining up the long sides will help considerably in keeping the horizontal cuts straight. It’s also essential to have a large flat plane to assess the fabric, to check for flaws and grain, the pattern repeat, and any rolling or storage errors. From then to understand what can be overcome, cut around or manipulated , and at the last resort returned.

2. A long bench for the cut lengths to lie on and rest after cutting and before making up- or a big pole over which they can drape

3. A pole to hang fabrics that crease easily.

4. An iron and bulldog clips to stretch and manipulate the fabric as needed.

5. An accurate measuring system

6. The best sheers / scissors you can afford.

7. The best pins you can find, tailors chalk, needle and thread for coloured tacks.

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