A soft, sheer plain weave crêpe, originally in silk , but also now in wool or polyester with a soft hand, lustrous finish and which is washable–used for bed hangings, cushions, lampshades and dressing tables.

Crepe de chine – Chinese crepe – is the softest and lightest of the Canton and Oriental crepes. The dimpled appearance comes from the twisted weft weave and then from the washing.

Firstly, the warp and the weft silks are spun in natural condition, that is, unwashed so that the gum is still present; then the weft yarn is prepared by reverse twisting the yarn from two bobbins; the fabric is then woven as a plain weave -at this stage there is no appearance of the characteristic unevenness. The cloth is then boiled to remove the gum and during this process the weft loses its twist, the crepe appearance happens and the fabric becomes soft and with a gauze like texture.


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