An 18th C decorative style inspired by Chinese styles, techniques and artefacts such as spears, chinaware and lacquer ware, which figured prominently in the Regency style.

At this time, the trend for all things Chinese became so popular that imported goods failed to meet the demand of customers. The chinoiserie industry took off in the years 1720-1730, when European manufacturers started imitating Chinese artefacts–though it must be said that these imitations had very little to do with authentic Chinese goods. The likes of Boucher and Pillevent created many Chinese-like lacquers found on wallpapers, fabrics, furniture, tole ware and earthenware.

Chinoiserie never went of style, and a wide range of chinoiserie-inspired fabrics can be found in the collections of many  long standing fabric houses, such as Le Manach, Pierre Frey, Braquenie,  and revised in the  current collections of all main designer manufacturers. These feature porcelain- plates, vases, tea pots, cups and sauces, miniature boxes, traders and voyages, travel and life in a similar manner to  Toile de Jouy,that was itself so inspired by Chinese designed and decoration.

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