A true couture finish and a technique that translates well to luxury furnishings.

Buttonholes are many people’s bête noire, a fear that can only overcome by so much practice that they become second nature… Well, these are even more difficult, but worth mastering. They’re the ones on the best winter coats and jackets, the finest satin jackets and best dresses. They are made with a facing that is stitched around the edges of the opening, cut and turned to bind both raw edges on the front and then turned to look just as good at the back. As a highly skilled, very neat, time consuming couture and tailoring finish, they do look great, better than even the neatest hand stitching.

Any fabric can have bound buttonholes–from a fine lawn to a heavy wool. The buttonhole fabric must be the same as the main fabric, the idea being to look subtle, sleek and integrated rather than to draw attention.



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