Generations of communities have settled by and made their living from the sea, enjoying and fearing it in equal measure. Beach life and colours are deeply inspirational, whether it’s flotsam and jetsam, children collecting small fish brought in on the tide, rainbow-coloured windbreaks, the vibrancy of a busy summer’s day, a wind torn raffia umbrella, fishing boats with their nets at dusk, or a row of proud, unoccupied beach huts looking out to sea on a deserted chilly afternoon.

A walk along the shoreline blows the cobwebs away,open horizons make anything seem possible. Many find pictures and photographs of sea and sand, open skies, shorelines and sunsets inspirational enough to hang on their walls. Colour schemes based on shoreline tones and contrasts always work, they are fail-safe: all you need is to collect a handful of sand and a few photographs to help fuel your creative drive.

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