The canvases used by artists are typically woven either from cotton or linen.

Cotton canvases are cheaper, more flexible and therefore easier to stretch tightly, so favoured by students for oil and acrylic painting, though not necessarily advisable for larger paintings.

Linen canvases are more expensive and less flexible than cotton ones and therefore take more effort to stretch, but are stronger and more durable due to the natural qualities of linen and the way in which it can be woven. It is the traditional choice for oil and acrylic painting.

Alternatives include linen/cotton mixes and occasionally polyester. Artist canvases can be bought in a variety of widths and weights, on the roll, by the metre or mounted, and unprimed or primed.

Depending on the basic material and weight artist canvas  can be used for blinds, for screens, for upholstery and curtaining.

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